Urban Rest Stop

The Urban Rest Stop is a public health and hygiene facility providing free restrooms, showers, laundry, basic medical care, and other resources for homeless individuals and families. A new location has been proposed for the Ballard area, where homelessness has become increasingly prevalent, but community concerns have postponed its opening.

After much research and attending a Ballard Community Meeting for the URS, it was clear that many of the concerns were rooted in misconceptions of the URS’s patrons, policies, and provisions. This temporary exhibition is meant to educate and call the Ballard community to action.

A project done in collaboration with Sydney Mito and Alison Atwell.

Design Process

For this group project, we chose a real issue that was close to home. We researched the local Urban Rest Stops and went to community meetings to learn more about the confusion surrounding the proposed Urban Rest Stop in the Ballard area. We wanted to find a way to not only educate the local community on the issue but also get them involved and help provide them with an opportunity to give back. The idea we proposed is a temporary exhibition located about a block away from the intended URS location.